Top 3 Brain Health Supplements (None of them are Fish Oil!)

I have read about and tried so many supplements throughout the years and lots of them help a little, some don’t do much at all, and others help a lot. These are the ones that help a lot. Subscribe to all 3 on Amazon for a discount and to have them deliver automatically every month. Add the MCT oil to your favorite foods and drinks. Take the other supplements in the evening with a meal.

1. MCT or C8 oil. Naturally found in Coconut and Palm. As part of a diet low in carbs, MCT oil can be converted to ketones one the body, which are used as energy for the brain when not consuming sugar, or consuming small amounts of sugar. since Coconut and Palm both contain some sugar, it is advisable to get MCT from supplementation.

2. Fisetin. Naturally occurring in Seaweed and Strawberries, Fisetin Is a powerful polyphenol that has shown to reverse a symptom of aging Involving cells that are death-resistent (senescent.) Since strawberries are so high in sugar, it is advisable to supplement fisetin. Paired with a high fat diet, fisetin is able to cross the blood brain barrier and presumably kill senescent cells in the brain.

3. Polyphenols. Since Polyphenols usually come from berries and other fruits that are high in sugar, it is smart to add a supplement when on a low sugar diet. Polyphenols fuel the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the human cells. Sugar and other poison the mitochondria and polyphenols fight off the poison and fuel the mitochondria even when there are low or no toxins present.

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