The best Apple Watch Face for your Health & three key apps to go along with it!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

The Apple Watch is my favorite fitness tracker for a lot of reasons. It works seamlessly with my iPhone, it tracks workouts, it shows me my reminders, and it gives me access to Siri anywhere.

But which watch face is the best?

My hands down favorite is the Breathe watch face. One of the main things I forget to do throughout the day is breathing exercises. The Breathe watch face makes it so that I can turn off the reminders from the Breathe app (these types of notifications irritate me.) Instead I am always reminded by my watch face and it’s a simple one click of the watch crown to do my deep breathing.

You may be asking yourself what is so great about breathing exercises? Well, a recent study[1] found that “slow breathing techniques act enhancing autonomic, cerebral and psychological flexibility in a scenario of mutual interactions.” In plain English: it makes us more able to adapt to ever changing work or school environments, getting our minds off one thing and on to the next thing. Basically, stop every now and again and take a few deep breathes and you get smarter.

Additionally you will notice by my watch face that I have the following widgets in use:

The reminders app

The HRV app

The Workouts app

More on these apps later.

Until next time: don’t forget to breathe!


Founder, Sjaalv


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